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1. Can I ask for a different Itinerary from what is available on the website?

Yes you can, we can request a tailored package of your interest – please get in touch with us by completing the enquiry form.  We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry form.

2. How do I know that the profits from the SESOL Travel go towards the above-mentioned charitable causes?

Once you buy a package with us, you are eligible to ask for a copy of our audited annual accounts, which will show the amount we contributed to SESOL Charity,& you can also seek the same information from the charity, which will show the amount they have received from us.

3. Why should I book a package tour or a hotel with SESOL Travel?

Booking a package tour with us will give you complete satisfaction and peace of mind, not just during your trip/holiday, but also by knowing that the profits from your tour will go towards a charitable cause, i.e. for education & wellbeing of children in Ladakh & also to the needy in Scotland.
Likewise, by booking a hotel through us will give you the guaranteed price and service that you get from booking.com, In addition,you will help contribute towards the above charitable cause.

4. Since your packages are land only, where can I book my air tickets?

You can book your air tickets from wherever you like, and whoever gives you the best deal. However, if you want, we can refer you to our partner agent and if you get a better deal there, you can buy the tickets from them. Please note, buying or not buying an air ticket from our referred partner agent is completely your choice and is independent from SESOL Travel UK. You pay directly to the referred agent for the air tickets. Your contract for the air ticket is with the referred partner agent and the airline you choose to fly with. SESOL Travel UK does not take any responsibility for the air tickets, as our packages are land-only.

5. Do I need to inform you about my travel dates once I buy my air ticket?

Yes, it is extremely important that as soon as you buy your air tickets you inform us of your flight details, including the date and the time of your flights. This will help us to meet you from the relevant airports and coordinate your tour. Any changes to your flights for whatever reason must also be informed to us immediately.  
It is extremely important to double-check your booked package itinerary before buying your air tickets; this is to ensure that your flight/travelling dates fits into the package you have booked with us. If you have any confusion in this regard,please call us before buying the air tickets.

6. Can we ask for a group booking for any of the packages available on your website?

Yes, if you want to make a group booking you can get in touch with us by completing the enquiry form from our website and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry form.
Please note,for a group of 6 + you could be eligible for a discount.
You can also ask for a tailored package for a group booking out with the packages available on our website.  

7. Can I just book a hotel with you?

Yes you can (You can book hotels with us for most parts of the world) ,If you just want to book your hotel with us you can do so by choosing the hotel only option from the search box on the homepage of our website.  We have teamed up with booking.com for hotels, so don’t be surprised to see booking.com webpage when you choose hotel booking option from our website. They will directly communicate with you regarding the hotel bookings and you can be assured of their service. You get in touch with them directly for any cancellation and or change to the dates of your hotel bookings.

Booking Hotels in Ladakh– if you want to book a hotel in Leh, Ladakh in India, and if you do not like the hotels available on the hotel booking option of our site via booking.com, you can send us an enquiry or call us, and we will help you find a hotel of your choice that fits into your budget. However, please note this hotel booking service is only available for Leh, Ladakh in India.

8. What, if I want to cancel and or change the date of a tour package I have bought with you?

Please refer to our Booking Terms & Conditions. It is important that you read the terms and conditions before buying a package tour with us.

9. Do you do school trips and charity fundraising tours?

Yes, if you are a school and wanted to organise a trip for your students and staff, we can help you organise a trip. We specialise in school trips to India, and in particular to Leh, Ladakh the Himalayan region of India. Students can be accommodated with local families, if this is of interest, or into family guesthouses and or hotels. Activities such as trekking, rafting, mountain climbing, cycling can be arranged along with volunteering in local projects.
Students can certainly visit the SNE School in Leh – the school SESOL Travel UK is supporting.
If you are a charity, we can help organise charity fundraising tours, climbs, trekking etc.
Please send and enquiry form and or contact us on the number provided.

10. Do you provide travel insurance?

No, we do not sell travel insurance.  However, we have a partner company who can provide you with a travel insurance service. Again, it is up to you whether you deicide to buy or not the travel insurance from our partner company.  You need to discuss your needs and deal with them directly and it is completely independent from SESOL Travel UK.