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Tourism with charity happens here

SESOL Travel Limited is a company registered (SC494376) in Scotland, United Kingdom. This professionally run company is truly an ethical travel company set up primarily to support charitable causes, in particular to support the education of children in the Ladakh region of India via SNE School, and to support charitable causes in Scotland via SESOL Charity, SC041237.

This is your opportunity to enjoy a travel experience with a professional, reliable & a trusted customer service, and with an opportunity to discuss your travel needs, before & during the trip. Yet, being able to enjoy the satisfaction of the benefits you have provide to the needy people by booking a trip with the SESOL Travel Limited. 

Even just booking a hotel via SESOL Travel will help contribute towards the education of Children in Ladakh.

How Do I know the Profits Go Towards Charitable Causes?

Once you have bought a package with the SESOL Travel Limited you secure the right to ask for a copy of the Company Annual Accounts, which will show the amount of profit shared with SESOL Charities, including with the SNE School.

Background & Rational

In the year 2001, Shabir Banday, after returning from his studies in the UK, was very keen to promote a holistic education in Ladakh, (a Himalayan region in India) where he was born and spent most of his childhood. He went to a boarding school outside the Ladakh region at the age of 12. Shabir, approached individuals and agencies in Ladakh to gain support for his idea of a holistic education, an education that is centered on the needs of the children that can help nurture and develop children to compete in this world without abandoning their own culture. In the process Shabir, with the support of his family and friends from India and the UK, founded Sacred New Era (SNE) School with 5 pupils, and today the school has 168 children, 25members of staff. Some children in need benefit from free education. The current building is not an ideal building for a school and is provided by Shabir's parents for free. His father voluntarily works as the administrator of the school and has been doing so since the beginning.

In the year 2003, Shabir returned to the UK to pursue his interest in preventative health and studied at the London School of Hygiene and tropical Medicine. Today, Shabir heads a health charity in Scotland and works with the Scottish Government and relevant agencies to promote preventative health and wellbeing for the disadvantaged communities in Scotland. Shabir has interests in the development of both health and education in Ladakh and to the wider disadvantaged communities. Shabir also supports preventative health work in Ladakh.

He continues to support and work with dedication for the development of the SNE School and he is determined to build a proper school building on the land that was provided to the SNE School 2 years ago by the government in Ladakh - India.  Moreover, his future aim is to develop the SNE School into an Academy and a Knowledge Resource Center for the people of Ladakh. A center, that will help provide & promote holistic quality education to the children of Ladakh, promote preventative health to the population and toact as a hub to support education in the remotest parts of the Ladakh region.

It is paramount that to support a growing SNE school (from 5 pupils in 2001 to 168 today) and to help achieve SNE becoming an Academy, needs sustainable financial support along with the prayers and in kind support that SNE has been receiving.

On 2nd July 2011, Denise Moll, Rachel Tolmie, Phillida Ball and Shabir Banday got together and founded SESOL Charity (SC041237) in Scotland. The primary aim of the charity is to help SNE School in India, and also to help disadvantaged communities in Scotland.

The SESOL charity led to the development of an idea for a sustainable source of income to support the SNE School in Ladakh and to support improve and develop the SNE School, and to make the school financially self-sufficient in future. Shabir Banday took the responsibility to set up SESOL Travel and to help run it with the support of travel professionals. Moreover, he agreed to share the profit to support the SNE School in Ladakh. The profit from the Travel Company will also support disadvantaged communities in Scotland, in terms of education and preventative health and wellbeing.



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